Thursday, December 4, 2008

Political Tamasha

A political Tamasha is happening in Gods Own Country.When the country is facing a bloody and ruthless terrorist attack our politicians are grinding their own axe.They want the head of a chief Minister for allegdly making a normal retort.One thing is sure, he took a principled stand in many controversial issues where others hid their heads in sand.Grand old Man, people of Keralaknow you very well. 


shajkumar said...

ചേട്ടാ കൊപമരുതേ...വരുമൊരൊരൊ ദശ വരുന്നിടത്തൂടെ പോകും...അല്ലേപിന്നെന്തുവാ...ഈ..പണത്തിനൊരു വില? ഒരുകൈയില്‍ ഉണ്ണിക്രിഷ്നന്‍ ചക്രം...മറു കൈയില്‍...ശംഘും.... !

Don said...

i can't support VS in most of his stands.

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